Invent Health - Reinventing the doctor

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019 - UCSF, mission bay

Welcome to Invent Health (#inventhealth), a quarterly twilight salon-styled tech talk and mixer produced by Vator, HP, and UCSF Health Hub where valuable lessons and insights are shared by investors, tech pioneers and adopters. Invent Health is designed to take a 360-degree view of one particular topic.

In this case, the topic is “Reinventing the doctor.” Back in 2012, iconic VC Vinod Khosla said that 80 percent of doctors would be replaced. What he meant was that some of their jobs would be replaced by robots and machines. Indeed, in this do-it-yourself-information-accessible world, it's obvious people are relying less on advice from their doctors and more on self-diagnosis. And that information they're requesting is also providing input into some data-gathering software (Google, Alexa, future robot nurse) that's knowing a ton about people's medical history.

Increasingly, the database is the new doctor and nurses, assistants, lab technicians, coaches and others are there to execute the protocols formulated by Dr. Database in the sky.  

Vator (short for innovator) is a vibrant startup and investor community, founded by veteran, award-winning business journalist, Bambi Francisco. UCSF Health Hub is a non-profit that helps healthtech companies gain access to the Bay Area ecosystem. Mark Goldstein is the Chairman. 

Invent Health is hosted by Dr. Archana Dubey, Global Medical Director at HP,  Bambi Francisco Roizen and Mark Goldstein.

Launched in 2010 in San Francisco, Vator events include Splash, Post Seed, SplashX and Invent Health. They've been held in the Bay Area, NY, LA, and London.



5:30pm-5:40pm - Welcome Remarks

5:40pm-6:15pm - The Big Picture: How will doctors engage with patients in the future? Why are US health outcomes worse than other countries if we have the best doctors in the world?  Would “Medicare for All” improve care?

6:15pm-6:55 - Innovation and reality check: Are we investing in the right innovations? Moderators: Dr. Archana Dubey (Global Medical Director, HP), Bambi Francisco Roizen (Founder and CEO, Vator); Panelists: Michael D. Abramoff (CEO & Founder, IDx), Arif Nathoo (CEO & Co-Founder, Komodo Health), Liz Rockett (Partner, Kaiser Permanente Ventures)

6:55pm-7:15pm -- Break

7:15pm-7:35pm -- Startup Showcase emceed by Mark Goldstein (Chairman, UCSF Health Hub

7:35pm-8:30pm --  When will robots be our doctors? How will tech make the doctor’s life easier by improving predictions, diagnostics, preventative care, and treatments? Moderators: Dr. Archana Dubey (Global Medical Director, HP), Bambi Francisco Roizen (Founder and CEO, Vator); Panelists:  Scott Barclay (Partner, Data Collective), Dr. Ian Tong (Chief Medical Officer, Doctor on Demand), Dr. Hiroomi Tada (Chief Medical Officer, Notable Labs)




Genentech Hall, Byers Auditorium, UCSF Mission Bay 

600 16th Street, San Francisco, CA



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