Invent Health - Future of Behavioral and Mental Health

April 4th, 2019, Genentech Hall,

Byers Auditorium, UCSF Mission Bay, San francisco

Welcome to Invent Health (#inventhealth), a quarterly twilight salon-styled tech talk and mixer produced by Vator and UCSF Health Hub, where valuable lessons and insights are shared by investors, tech pioneers and adopters. Invent Health is designed to take a 360-degree view of one particular topic.

In this case, the topic is “Behavioral and Mental Health.” Behavioral health promotes well-being by preventing mental disorder, as common as stress and anxiety, which without being addressed appropriately can lead to more serious illnesses, such as chronic conditions, substance abuse and addictions. All of this falls under our mental well being. There’s a rise of mental illness across the country with one out of five Americans suffering from some sort of mental disorder.  In the case of depression, it’s become almost an epidemic from from being a rare condition 50 years ago. Critics argue the rise has a lot to do with pathologizing normal psychic and somatic behavior, meaning society’s idea of normal often means never feeling sad or hopeless. Some argue antidepressant drugmakers, who’ve seen their drug usage rise 400 percent in two decades are behind the pathologizing.

These pervasive conditions have behavioral health startups creating solutions and treatment modalities to help those across the spectrum from mindfulness-based therapies, cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapies to digital therapeutics. What are these new technologies and services and are they effective? How are employers and health organizations incorporating them?  

Vator (short for innovator) is a vibrant startup and investor community, founded by veteran, award-winning business journalist, Bambi Francisco. UCSF Health Hub is a non-profit that helps healthtech companies gain access to the Bay Area ecosystem. Mark Goldstein is the Chairman. Invent Health is hosted by Dr. Archana Dubey, Global Medical Director at HP, Bambi Francisco Roizen and Mark Goldstein.

UCSF Health Hub is a non-profit that helps healthtech companies gain access to the Bay Area ecosystem. Mark Goldstein is the Chairman.



4:30pm – 5:30pm Registration; Cocktail time

5:30pm – 5:35pm Welcome Remarks

5:35pm – 6:15pm The role tech plays on our mental health from a tech-immersed childhood, 24/7 connected adulthood to increasingly extended elderhood. Aydin Senkut (Partner, Felicis Ventures), Sonia Arrison (Author, 100 Plus), Dasha Maggio (Partner, Felicis Ventures), Bambi Francisco Roizen (Founder & CEO, Vator)

6:15pm – 6:55pm Top digital health VCs are investing heavily in technologies that address our emotional well-being. What’s working? Where is there over-investment? What are some emerging but unproven ideas? Moderators: Bambi Francisco Roizen (Founder & CEO, Vator), Archana Dubey (Global Medical Director at HP) Panelists: Alex Morgan (Investor, Khosla Ventures), Lynne Chou O'Keefe (Founder and Managing Partner, Define Ventures), Eva Borden (Managing Director, Behavioral and Medical Solutions, Cigna), Blake Wu (Investor, New Enterprise Associates), Danielle Ramo (Director of Research Operations, Hopelab)

6:55pm – 7:15pm Break

7:15pm – 7:35pm Startup Showcase emceed by Mark Goldstein (Chairman, UCSF Health Hub) Presenters: Mainul I. Mondal (Founder & CEO, Ellipsis Health), Rebecca Mandel (Co-Founder and CEO, Lucid Care), Christopher Lento (Chief Commercial Officer, Palo Alto Health Sciences)

7:35pm – 8:30pm Tech pioneers and adopters share new technologies that address our emotional well-being, from mild anxiety to comorbidities. What are these new tools? Are they diagnostics, screenings, treatments and how effective are they? Moderators: Bambi Francisco Roizen (Founder & CEO, Vator), Archana Dubey (Global Medical Director at HP) Panelists: Eva Borden (Managing Director, Behavioral and Medical Solutions, Cigna), Ofer Leidner (Co-Founder and President, Happify Health), Alon Matas (President, Teladoc's, Brent Vaughan (CEO, Cognoa), David Lim (Chief Medical Officer, Quartet Health)

8:30pm – Good night!



Genentech Hall, Byers Auditorium, UCSF Mission Bay 

600 16th Street, San Francisco, CA


Getting to Mission Bay by public transit:

  • Option 1: Exit BART at the 16th St Station and wait for the free UCSF Red shuttle that stops directly outside the Burger King (This option is only available on weekdays: UCSF Shuttles). 

  • Option 2: Exit BART at the Embarcadero Station and then take the MUNI T-line inbound to Sunnydale. Exit at the Mission Bay stop on 3rd Street. 

  • Option 3: Exit Caltrain and then walk along 4th St for about 10-15 minutes until arriving at UCSF - if the Muni is there, you can get on the T-line inbound and exit at the Mission Bay stop on 3rd Street, but this is often slower than walking. 

or by car/ride-share:

  • The event is at 600 16th Street Street, between Owens and 4th St. There are two parking garages (please park in the garages and not in the surface lots) on campus that are equally convenient. Free parking street parking (at your own risk) is available along 16th street on the other side of the railroad tracks.

Once on campus, proceed to Genentech Hall:

  1. You will have to enter through Genentech Hall from the Koret Quad side (Red dot on the map below)

  2. Sign in at the check-in table in the lobby

    See UCSF Mission Bay Map here.


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