Post Seed 2016


The mission of the third annual “Post-Seed” Conference is to bring together the best and brightest minds around early-stage financing for a one-day focused event, targeting investors, early-stage founders, and members of the startup press.


Increasingly, early-stage founders have many financing options at their disposal. From crowdfunding, to debt financing, to a vibrant angel investing environment, the options available to founders are plentiful. However, for a variety of reasons, larger venture capital firms have largely elected to write bigger checks slightly later in the life cycle of a company. The result: a significant gap between seed financings and larger institutional investments. This gap is “Post-Seed.”

Investors & Early-stage Founders

The “Post-Seed” Conference will examine this trend and organize leaders from the investment world to discuss the topic, as well as founders who have personally been through the process. This type of content doesn’t exist on Twitter or in blogs and, for that reason, we’re excited to put on this show and to invite you to participate.






The Village

969 Market St, San Francisco, California



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