Invent Health - Future of Clinics

June 27, 2019, HP Building 5, Palo Alto, CA

Welcome to Invent Health (#inventhealth), a quarterly twilight salon-styled tech talk and mixer produced by HP and Vator, where valuable lessons and insights are shared by investors, tech pioneers and adopters. Invent Health is designed to take a 360-degree view of one particular topic.

In this case, the topic is the “The future of clinics.” The CVS / Aetna deal is one example of how local retail chains are evolving to offer more care services. Upstarts like Forward, are taking a more futuristic tech-centric view of the new clinic; Heal is bringing the doctor to your home; Crossover Health is combining medical and wellness care in the corporate setting while the Well is redefining clinics to embrace wellness and lifestyle.

In 10 years, what will the doctor's office look like? Will it be integrated with your gym? What's the role of the medical doctor? How much will they matter if people self-diagnose already, and are now seeking more guidance about nutrition, mental health, lifestyle changes? Can Heal - an Uber for doctors -- really scale?

Join HP’s Dr. Archana Dubey and Vator’s Bambi Francisco, our co-hosts for the event.

Vator (short for innovator) is a vibrant startup and investor community, founded by veteran, award-winning business journalist, Bambi Francisco.

Thanks to Mark Goldstein, Chairman of UCSF Health Hub, a non-profit that helps healthtech companies gain access to the Bay Area ecosystem.


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5:00pm – 5:50pm Registration; Wine and hors d’oeuvres

5:50pm – 6:00pm Welcome and opening remarks: Bambi Francisco Roizen (Founder & CEO, Vator), Archana Dubey (Global Medical Director, HP Health Centers, HP)

6:00pm – 6:50pm What is care? Consumers want better care. Does this involve more preventative services? Should primary care doctors be versed in nutrition and mental health, or should clinics be redesigned to be more holistic? In this new world of care, what data is relevant to patients?

6:50pm – 7:15pm Break. Anthony Shell (Principal, Avison Young) introduces break

7:15pm – 7:20pm How HP is helping transform the Future of Clinics with its Healthcare edition technology. (Raja Bhadury, Head of Care Delivery Solutions, HP)

7:20pm – 7:35pm Startup Showcase [2 startups and innovations around the future of clinics] Emceed by Hosain Rahman (CEO, Jawbone Health and UCSF Health Hub Senior Advisor) Presenters: George Favvas (CEO & Co-founder, Circle Medical), Kale Ptacek, DC, CCSP (Co-Founder & CEO, Motiva Health)

7:35pm – 8:30pm Are we saving money? As we integrate more technology into the redesign of brick-and-mortar clinics and at-home services, are we saving more money for the patient and the ecosystem at large? At the same time, as we try to alleviate the workload on doctors, are they really making more money?  

8:30pm – Good night!



HP Building 5

1501 Page Mill Road BLD 5, Palo Alto, CA 94304



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