What's behind LA's booming tech ecosystem?

Thursday, October 13 | Loews Santa Monica Hotel | Los Angeles, CA


Join hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, civic leaders in Los Angeles, CA. Mingle and learn from blue-ribbon VCs, angels, legendary founders and the hottest SoCal-based startups.

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Mark Cuban

Owner, Dallas Mavericks

Brian Lee

Co-Founder & CEO, The Honest Company

Nick Green

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Thrive Market

Adam Goldenberg

Co-Founder, TechStyle Fashion Group

Mike Jones

Co-Founder & CEO, Science

Hardeep Walia

Founder & CEO, Motif

Leura Fine

Founder & CEO, Laurel & Wolf

Andre Haddad

CEO, Turo

Tri Tran

CEO & Co-founder, Munchery

Toni Ko

Founder, CEO & Chief Creative Director, Perverse Sunglasses

Sean Brecker

CEO, Headspace

Lawrence Coburn

CEO, DoubleDutch

Eva Ho

Managing Partner,
Fika Ventures

Bianca Gates

Sales Executive, Facebook; Co-Founder & President, Birdies

Dana Settle

Co-Founder & Partner, Greycroft Partners

Erik Rannala

Co-Founder & Partner, Mucker Capital

Eric Manlunas

Co-Founder & Partner, Wavemaker Partners

Shamin Rostami

Partner, TYLT Ventures

Tianxiang Zhuo

Managing Partner, Karlin Ventures

Mark Goldstein

Chairman, UCSF Health Hub

Bambi Francisco Roizen

Founder & CEO, Vator

Ezra Roizen

Founder, advsr

Erin Flynn

Managing Director, Vator Investment Club

Noah Doyle

Managing Director, Javelin Venture Partners

Alex Taussig

Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Jonathan Shieber

Senior Editor, TechCrunch

Jefferson Graham

Columnist, USA TODAY

Binti Yost

Principal - Economic & Valuation Services, KPMG

Alex Roizen

Managing Director, Vator Investment Club


8:00am,,8:50am,, Registration,,Coffee, light breakfast

8:50am,,9:00am,, Opening Remarks ,,Emcee: Eva Ho (Managing Partner, Fika Ventures), Alex Roizen (Managing Director, Vator Investment Club)

9:05am,,9:40am,, Fireside Chat: Living healthy ,, Nick Green (Co-founder & CEO, Thrive Market) and Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator)

9:40am,,10:00am,, Splash Talk ,, Lawrence Coburn (Founder & CEO, Doubledutch)

10:00am,,10:45am,, Fireside Chat ,, Mark Cuban (Owner, Mavericks) and Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator)

10:45am,,10:55am,, Break,, See Demo Tables

10:55am,,11:40am,, Global Splash Competition ,, Emcee: Mark Goldstein (Managing Partner, Efficient Capacity); Judges: Mark Cuban (Owner, Mavericks) , Brian Lee (Founder & CEO, The Honest Company), Michael Jones (Co-Founder & CEO, Science), Dana Settle (Co-Founder & Partner, Greycroft Partners)

11:45am,,12:25pm,, Global Splash Competition ,, Emcee: Mark Goldstein (Managing Partner, Efficient Capacity); Judges: Erin Flynn (Managing Partner, Vator Investment Club), Shamin Rostami (Partner, TYLT Ventures), Noah Doyle (Partner, Javelin Venture Partners), Binti Yost (Principal - Economic & Valuation Services, KPMG)

12:25pm,,1:30pm,, Lunch ,, Afternoon Emcee - Erin Flynn (Managing Partner, Vator Investment Club), Alex Roizen (Managing Director, Vator Investment Club)

12:40pm,,1:10pm,, Lunch Time Panel ,, Moderator: Jefferson Graham (Columnist,USA Today); Panelists: Erik Rannala (Co-Founder & Partner, MuckerLab), Eric Manlunas (Co-Founder & Partner, Wavemaker), Alex Taussig (Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners)

1:30pm,,2:00pm,, Fireside Chat ,, Mike Jones (Founder & CEO, Science) and Jonathan Shieber (Senior Editor, TechCrunch)

2:00pm,,2:25pm,, Fireside Chat ,, Toni Ko (Founder & CEO, Perverse Sunglasses) and Bianca Gates (Founder & President, Birdies)

2:25pm,,2:50pm,, Fireside Chat ,, Hardeep Walia (Founder & CEO, Motif) and Ezra Roizen (Founder, advsr)

2:50pm,,3:25pm,, Fireside Chat ,, Tri Tran (Founder & CEO, Munchery) and Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator)

3:25pm,,3:45pm,, Splash Talk,, Ezra Roizen (Founder, advsr)

3:45pm,,4:00pm,, Break,,

4:00pm,,4:30pm,, Fireside Chat ,, Andre Haddad (CEO, Turo) and Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator)

4:30pm,,5:00pm,, LA's Most Exciting Growth Stories,, Moderator: Eva Ho (Managing Partner, Fika Ventures); Panelists: Leura Fine (Founder & CEO, Laurel & Wolf), Sean Brecker (CEO, Headspace)

5:00pm,,5:20pm,, Fireside Chat ,, Adam Goldenberg (Co-CEO Techstyle Fashion) and Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator)

5:20pm,,5:30pm,, Closing Ceremonies ,,

5:45pm,,8:00pm,, After-party on the rooftop deck at Wavemaker ,,

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Reach hundreds of influencers within the entrepreneurship community.


Reach hundreds of influencers in the high-tech entrepreneur community.

  • Be in front of entrepreneurs leading innovation, disrupting industries and redefining the economy.
  • Be in front of emerging startups while they’re young.
  • Get exposure online well before the event during the online competition as more than 100 startups compete for the top 10 spots.
  • Get online across the competition and event pages, in newsletters and emails, and at the event through banners, tables, etc.

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The Venue

Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel

Make your event a day at the beach with convenient access to everything Los Angeles has to offer.

1700 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, California, 90401

Getting there




Crystal Brown

Usher Relations

Jerry Chang

Director of Media Relations

Kristin Karaoglu


Ronny Kerr

Reporter, VatorNews

Steven Loeb

Reporter, VatorNews

Luis Rivera

Production Assistant

Dakota Ortiz

Registration Honcho

Mitos Suson

Producer and Director, Vator Events

Fely Tchaco

Stage Goddess

Kris Bjornerud

Startup Scout

Nathan SooHoo

Startup Scout

Darwin Price

Kwisatz Haderach

Brad Turner

Speaker Host

Nicholas Chan

Director of Accelerator/PR Relations

Dorothy Tong

Sponsor / Demo Concierge


VATOR SPLASH EVENT volunteers. Day of.

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EVENT volunteers. Day of.

  • Speaker Hosts
  • Finalists Hosts
  • Stage Hands
  • Ushers
  • Sponsor and Demo Host
  • Stage Manager
  • Social Media


  1. Team call meeting 10 days to 2 weeks prior
  2. Day-before-event meeting at venue (1 hour) to prep, or as early as 6:00 am, day of event
  3. Arrival at event
  4. Venue visit (1 month prior – for Usher Lead, Stage Manager, Speaker Host)

PRE-PRODUCTION volunteers. Up to 5 months prior.

  • Startup Scout Master
  • Startup & Finalist Host
  • Director of Investor Relations
  • Accelerator Partner Relations
  • Media Partner Relations
  • Social Media
  • Press Relations


Be able to start several months prior to the event. Must have solid writing, communication skills.

For those interested in working with startups.

Details about pre-production roles:

Startup Scout Master, Startup Finalist Host: This person loves to work with startups and would love to learn more about them. Your job will be to identify promising startups, interact with them and help prep finalists to get on stage. This job is great for someone who wants to work at a startup or invest in them.

Director of Investor Relations, Accelerator Partner Relations: This person wants to interact with venture capitalists and angel investors and corporate investors – in short – investors. You will engage with them around 5 to 6 weeks prior to the event. Your job is to get to know them and their investments and to help them to evaluate the startups in the finalist competition. The Accelerator Partner Relations person will communicate with accelerators to engage their startups in the event and competition.

Social Media and Press: This person(s) is proficient at putting press releases together and posting social media updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Vator. This person has excellent writing skills and is fluent in English. This person has comfort and familiarity with social networks. This person must spend at least 20 minutes daily posting for Vator one month prior to the event about the event speakers, relevant news and throughout the day of event. Press person should work on at least one press release.

Also contact: volunteer@vator.tv (with any questions) or mitos@vator.tv