The Conference on Post-Seed Round Funding



Chamath Palihapitiya

Founder & CEO,
Social Capital LP

Aydin Senkut

Founder & Managing Director,
Felicis Ventures

Jeff Lawson

Co-Founder & CEO,

Dan Scheinman

Angel Investor

Byron Deeter

Partner, Bessemer Venture

Paul Martino

Managing Partner, Bullpen Capital

Bambi Francisco Roizen

Founder & CEO, Vator

Semil Shah

General Partner, Haystack

Jed Katz

Managing Director,
Javelin Venture Partners

Chris Paik

Partner, Thrive Capital

Christine Herron

Director, Intel Capital

Jim Andelman

Co-founder and Managing Partner, Rincon Venture Partners

Ezra Roizen

Founder, advsr

Brenda Smith

President, CV Brokerage

Dan Greenberg

Founder & CEO, Sharethrough

Aaref Hilaly

Partner, Sequoia Capital

Dave Peterson

Co-Founder & Partner,
Play Bigger Advisors

Winter Mead

Vice President, Sapphire Ventures

Leo Polovets

Partner, Susa Ventures

Justin Potter

Founder & CEO, Cleanify

Duncan Davidson

Managing Director, Bullpen Capital

Brian O’Malley

Partner, Accel Partners

Marc Michel

Managing Partner,
Runway Venture Partners

Rolfe Winkler

Technology Reporter,
Wall Street Journal

Andre Gharakhanian

Founder & Partner, Silicon Legal Strategy

Michael Ma

General Partner, Liquid 2 Ventures

Eric Newcomer

Startup Reporter, Bloomberg

Stuart Landesberg

Founder & CEO, Grove Collaborative

Shruti Gandhi

Managing Partner, Array Ventures

Tony Vartanian

Founder & CEO, Jump Ramp Games

Eric Wiesen

General Partner, Bullpen Capital

Aarthi Ramamurthy

Founder, Lumoid


8:00AM,,8:55AM,,Registration (coffee served),,

8:55AM,,9:00AM,, Opening Remarks,, Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator), Paul Martino (Managing Partner, Bullpen Capital), Semil Shah (General Partner, Haystack)

9:00AM,,9:15AM,, Session One – “Making Venture Great Again: The Post Seed Manifesto”,, Duncan Davidson (Managing Director, Bullpen Capital)

9:15AM,,10:00AM,, Session Two – “Winning at Cisco, Baseball, and Seed”,, Dan Scheinman (Angel Investor, SF Giants), Paul Martino (Managing Partner, Bullpen Capital)

10:00AM,,10:25AM,, Session Three – “Investing in Categories No One is Paying Attention To”,, Moderator: Eric Newcomer (Startup Reporter, Bloomberg); Panelists: Michael Ma (General Partner, Liquid 2 Ventures), Dave Peterson (Co-Founder & Partner, Play Bigger Advisors), Christine Herron (Director, Intel Capital), Chris Paik (Partner, Thrive Capital), Aeref Hilaly (Partner, Sequoia Capital)

10:25AM,,10:45AM,, Break,,

10:45AM,,11:30AM,, Session Four – “Disrupting the Venture Ecosystem”,, Chamath Palihapitiya (Founder & CEO, Social Capital LP), Semil Shah (General Partner, Haystack)

11:30AM,,1:00PM,, Lunch,,

1:00PM,,1:25PM,, Session Five – “CEOs who Navigated the Post Seed Waters”,, Moderator: Eric Wiesen (General Partner, Bullpen Capital); Panelists: Tony Vartanian (Founder & CEO, Jump Ramp Games), Stuart Landesberg (Founder & CEO, Grove Collaborative), Justin Potter (Founder & CEO, Cleanify), Dan Greenberg (Founder & CEO, Sharethrough), Aarthi Ramamurthy ( Founder, Lumoid)

1:25PM,,1:50PM,, Session Six – “Getting to a Super-Sized A Round and Liquidity”,, Moderator: Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator); Panelists: Winter Mead (Vice President, Sapphire Ventures), Shruti Gandhi (Managing Partner, Array Ventures), Brenda Smith (President, CV Brokerage), Brian O’Malley (Partner, Accel Partners)

1:50PM,,2:35PM,, Session Seven – “Playing the Game as a Contrarian”,, Aydin Senkut (Founder & Managing Director, Felicis Ventures), Rolfe Winkler (Technology Reporter, Wall Street Journal)

2:35PM,,3:00PM,, Session Eight – “Post Seed/Small A is a Big Thing”,, Moderator: Andre Gharakhanian (Founder & Partner, Silicon Legal Strategy); Panelists: Leo Polovets (Partner, Susa Ventures), Marc Michel (Managing Partner, Runway Venture Partners), Jim Andelman (Co-founder and Managing Partner, Rincon Venture Partners), Jed Katz (Managing Director, Javelin Venture Partners)

3:00PM,,3:30PM,, Break ,,

3:30PM,,3:50PM,, Session Nine – “Magic Box Paradigm” - The unconventional view on M&A,, Ezra Roizen (Founder, advsr), Andre Gharakhanian (Founder & Partner, Silicon Legal Strategy)

3:50PM,,4:35PM,, Session Ten – “From Seed to IPO”,, Jeff Lawson (CEO, Twilio), Byron Deeter (Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners)

4:35PM,,4:40PM,, Closing Remarks,,

4:45PM,,6:00PM,, Happy Hour ,,

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About Post Seed

The Conference on Post-Seed Round Funding



The mission of the third annual “Post-Seed” Conference is to bring together the best and brightest minds around early-stage financing for a one-day focused event, targeting investors, early-stage founders, and members of the startup press.


Increasingly, early-stage founders have many financing options at their disposal. From crowdfunding, to debt financing, to a vibrant angel investing environment, the options available to founders are plentiful. However, for a variety of reasons, larger venture capital firms have largely elected to write bigger checks slightly later in the life cycle of a company. The result: a significant gap between seed financings and larger institutional investments. This gap is “Post-Seed.”

Investors & Early-stage Founders

The “Post-Seed” Conference will examine this trend and organize leaders from the investment world to discuss the topic, as well as founders who have personally been through the process. This type of content doesn’t exist on Twitter or in blogs and, for that reason, we’re excited to put on this show and to invite you to participate.

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Splash is one of the best startup competitions and educational events, attracting super smart thought leaders in the tech industry. It's an event that inspires. This is an event for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to innovate, raise money, and scale a company. It's also a place for new investors to learn about angel investing and established ones to sharpen their game.

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Vator alumni have raised $1B-plus in follow-on capital. Here are a few:

The Post.Seed Conference is the very first event of its kind. Startups seem to make or break their future in the post-seed gap, but financing is becoming so difficult to secure during this period. We can see this trend having a huge impact on the future of tech entrepreneurship, and we want to see what the best minds have to say about it.

Paul Martino

Managing Partner, Bullpen Capital

This gap is a new phenomenon, making it unfamiliar ground for both entrepreneurs and investors to navigate. But it’s a reality that’s not going away. In order to understand how to build the best startups, we need to address how to get through this stage. For early-stage founders and investors, the perspectives on financing and the networking opportunities will be invaluable.

Bambi Francisco Roizen

Founder & CEO, Vator

The Series A ‘crunch’ is no small matter for startups that are trying to beat overwhelming odds. Post Seed is all about giving early-stage entrepreneurs and investors a forum to discuss some of the more pressing issues around fundraising. We want to start the discussion for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Brandon Zeuner

Managing Partner, Venture51



Mitos Suson

Producer and Director, Vator Events

Kristin Karaoglu


Amila Karunaratne

Speaker Outreach

Kimberly Ratilla

Sunshine Officer

Ashish Singh

Startup Scout Master

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Tifani Resch

Registration Manager

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Details about pre-production roles:

Startup Scout Master, Startup Finalist Host: This person loves to work with startups and would love to learn more about them. Your job will be to identify promising startups, interact with them and help prep finalists to get on stage. This job is great for someone who wants to work at a startup or invest in them.

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