How are innovators disrupting healthcare?

Thursday, February 12 | Kaiser Center | Oakland, CA


Network with VCs and angel investors across healthcare. Learn from successful startup founders, such as Ryan Howard, Founder and CEO of Practice Fusion and Dr. Nate Gross, co-founder of Doximity and Rock Health. Watch top Splash Competition finalists compete on stage in front of judges representing some of the brightest minds in the venture and entrepreneur community.

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Tom Lee

CEO, One Medical

Ryan Howard

Founder, iBeat and Practice Fusion; Angel Investor

Dr. Nate Gross

Co-Founder Doximity & Rock Health

Stephen Kraus

Partner, Bessemer Ventures

Rebecca Lynn

General Partner, Canvas Ventures

Naveen Jain

Co-Founder & CMO, Immunity Project

Bambi Francisco Roizen

Founder & CEO, Vator

Nina Kjellson

General Partner, Interwest

Lindy Fishburne

Senior VP for Investments, Thiel Foundation

Missy Krasner

Managing Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Box

Shomit Ghose

Managing Director & Partner, Onset Ventures

Dhiren Bhatia

CEO, Viewics

Jason Torres

Partner & COO, Mansa Capital Management

Casper de Clercq

Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

Sharon Knight

Founder, Avik Ventures

Sonny Vu

CEO & Founder, Misfit Wearables

Kevin King

President & CEO, IRythm Technologies

Christopher Parks

Founder, Change Healthcare Corporation

Katrina Firlik, MD

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, HealthPrize Technologies

Kyle Ellicott

Founder at Wearable World, Inc

Alex Roizen

Managing Director, Vator Investment Club

Erin Flynn

Managing Director, Vator Investment Club

Ron Gutman

Founder & CEO, HealthTap

John Steuart

Managing Director, Prolog Ventures

Michael O’Neill

Founder & CEO, GetWellNetwork

Christina Farr

Reporter, Fast Company

Adam Jackson

Co-Founder & CEO, Doctor On Demand

Vishal Vasishth

Co-Founder, Obvious Ventures

Mike McCormick

Audit Senior Manager, KPMG

Garrett Dunham

Founder & CEO, Prebacked

Daniel Kraft, MD

Faculty Chair for Medicine & Neuroscience, Singularity University; Founder & Chair, Exponential Medicine


Marty Bauer

Managing Director, The Iron Yard

Jose Bolanos MD

Managing Director, Venture-Med

David Cooke

Head, Section of General Thoracic Surgery, UC Davis Medical Center

Matt Walters

Managing Director, Runway Incubator

Mitchell Mom

Venture Associate, Rock Health


8:30am,,9:15am,, Registration, Coffee

9:30am,,9:40am,, Opening remarks,,Emcee: Naveen Jain (CMO & Co-Founder, Immunity Project and Managing Partner, Vator Investment Club); Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator)

9:40am,,10:00am,, Session 1: Game-changing Disruption in Healthcare ,,Dr. Robert Pearl, CEO of Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

10:05am,,10:25am,, Session 2: Skyrocketing Healthcare Costs! How is technology saving the day and changing healthcare tomorrow?,,Moderator: Casper de Clercq (Partner, Norwest Venture Partners) Panelists: Kevin King (President & CEO, iRhythm Technologies), Dhiren Bhatia (CEO, Viewics), Christopher Parks (Founder, Change Healthcare Corporation)

10:25am,,10:35am,, Break(10 min) - See Demo Tables,,

10:35am,,11:05am,, Session 3: Global Splash Competition Presentations - Top 3 Finalists in Healthcare IT,,Emcee: Alex Roizen (Adviser, Ackrell Capital); Judges: Nina Kjellson (General Partner, InterWest Partners), Missy Krasner (Managing Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Box), John Steuart (Managing Director, Prolog Ventures, Garrett Dunham (Founder & CEO, Prebacked)

11:10am,,11:30am,, Session 4: 360 Degree View of Health Tech. Inventor, investor, doctor, developer: A look at the evolving landscape of health tech from different perspectives.,, Dr. Nate Gross, Co-Founder Doximity and Rock Health

11:35am,,12:05pm,, Session 5: Global Splash Competition Presentations - Second Top 3 Finalists,,Emcee: Alex Roizen (Adviser, Ackrell Capital); Judges: Shomit Ghose (Managing Director & Partner, ONSET Ventures), Sharon Knight (Founder, Avik Ventures), Vishal Vasishth (Co-Founder, Obvious Ventures, Mike McCormick (Audit Senior Manager, KPMG)

12:05pm,,1:15pm,, Break-Lunch (Judges' deliberate),,

1:20pm,,1:45pm,, Session 6: Fireside Chat: Your Medical Record for Life,,Ryan Howard (Founder & CEO of Practice Fusion) and Bambi Francisco (Vator)

1:50pm,,2:10pm,, Session 7: The New Care Delivery Model. Startups have emerged to focus on changing the way people are being cared for, as they build out tools, platforms, mobile applications for prevention, monitoring or recovery. Who are these companies and why are they emerging?,,Moderator: Jason Torres (Partner & COO, Mansa Capital Management); Panelists: Dr. Katrina Firlik (Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, HealthPrize), Ron Gutman (CEO, HealthTap), Adam Jackson (Founder & CEO, Doctor on Demand)

2:15pm,,2:40pm,, Session 8: Fireside Chat - The Evolution of Wearables,,Sonny Vu (Founder & CEO of Misfit Wearables) and Casper de Clercq (Norwest Venture Partners)

2:45pm,,3:05pm,, Session 9: What's Passion Got to do with it?,,Michael O'Neill (Founder & CEO of GetWellNetwork)

03:05pm,,03:15pm,, Break (10 min), Phew! Those were long sessions. Now grab a drink and see the Demo Tables

3:15pm,,3:25pm,, Session 10: Funding the 'science' behind Health Care: Medicine and drugs Where are we on the spectrum of what's envisioned and what's possible today? There's tons of money in healthcare IT, but what about funding the intersection of biology and technology? How do you get this science funded?,, Lindy Fishburne, Executive Director, Breakout Labs

3:30pm,,3:50pm,, Session 11: Who's Financing the Digital Health Ecosystem? A chat with active accelerators, angel investors, and pioneering VCs who are shaping the digital health tech scene through the investments they make.,, Moderator: Christina Farr (Journalist, Reuters News); Panelists: Rebecca Lynn (General Partner, Canvas Venture Fund), Nina Kjellson (Senior VP for Investments, InterWest Partners), Stephen Kraus (Partner, Bessemer Ventures)

3:55pm,,4:20pm,, Session 12: Closing Fireside,,Tom Lee (Founder & CEO, One Medical Group) and Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator)

4:20pm,,4:30pm,, Announce Splash Winner,,

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