Mingle with London's top investors

Thursday, June 19 | Google Campus | London


Mingle with London's top investors and US based rock stars!!!

The one-day event will be held at the Google Campus. Splash is one of the best startup competitions and educational events, attracting super smart thought leaders in the tech industry. It's an event that inspires. This is an event for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to innovate, raise money, and scale a company. It's also a place for new investors to learn about angel investing and established ones to sharpen their game.

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About Splash

The premier entrepreneurship conference.



David Cohen

CEO and Managing Partner, Techstars

Brent Hoberman

Investment Partner, PROfounders Capital

Julia Hartz

Co-Founder & President, Eventbrite

Kevin Hartz

Co-Founder & CEO, Eventbrite

Pietro Bezza

Managing Partner, Connect Ventures

Nic Brisbourne

Managing Partner, Forward Partners

Duncan Davidson

Managing Director, Bullpen Capital

Jenny Fielding

Head of Digital Ventures, BBC Worldwide

Scott Gallacher

Director, The Aston Group

Laurence Garrett

Partner, Highland Capital Europe

Stefan Glaenzer

Founding Partner, Passion Capital

Luke Hakes

Octopus Ventures

Katie Leviten

Investment Manager, Jamjar Investments

Emma Lloyd

Partner, Sky Media

Christian Hernandez

Managing Partner, White Star Capital

Chris Loughlin

CEO, Travelzoo

Simon Menashy

Investment Manager, MMC Ventures

Joe Charlesworth

Partner, Playfair Capital

Bambi Francisco Roizen

Founder & CEO, Vator

Ezra Roizen

Founder, advsr

John Spindler

CEO, Capital Enterprise

Simon Walker

Partner, Taylor Wessing


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4:30PM,,4:40PM,,Welcome Remarks,,Emcee - John Spindler (Capital Enterprises), Bambi Francisco (Vator)

4:40PM,,5:00PM,,Splash Talk - Venture Capital in a post-seed world,,Duncan Davidson (Founder, Bullpen)

5:00PM,,5:30PM,,Investor panel: The state of venture capital. How is the VC model changing and how is it also impacting the local culture? What's the next big thing to invest in?,,Moderator: Simon Walker (Partner, Taylor Wessing); Panelists: Fede Pirzio-Beroli (Founder, Playfair Capital), Pietro Bezza (Connect Ventures), Luke Hakes (Octopus Ventures), Katie Leviten (Investment Manager, Jamjar Investments)

5:30PM,,6:05PM,,First three startup pitches (3 minutes),,Emcee: Duncan Davidson (Bullpen); Panelists/judges: Nic Brisbourne (Forward Partners), Scott Gallacher (The Aston Group), Laurence Garrett (Highland Capital Europe) and Christian Hernandez Gallardo (Managing Partner,White Star Capital)

6:10PM,,6:30PM,,Splash Talk - Lessons Learned scaling a company,,Chris Loughlin (CEO, Travelzoo) and Ezra Roizen (Ackrell Capital)

6:35PM,,7:05PM,,Second three startup pitches (3 minutes),,Emcee: Duncan Davidson; Panelists: Emma Lloyd (BSkyB), Stefan Glaenzer (Passion Capital), Ezra Roizen (Ackrell Capital), Simon Menashy (Investment Manager, MMC Ventures)

7:05PM,,7:20PM,,--Break--,,(judges deliberate)

7:20PM,,7:55PM,,Keynote Fireside Chat,,David Cohen (Founder, CEO of Techstars) and Bambi Francisco (Founder, CEO of Vator)

7:55PM,,8:30PM,,Keynote Fireside Chat,,Julia and Kevin Hartz (Founders, Eventbrite) and Brent Hoberman (Founders Forum, PROfounders)

8:35PM,,8:45PM,,Announce winner and Closing remarks,,

8:45PM,,9:30PM,,Networking (pizza and beer),,

Vator Partners

Reach hundreds of influencers within the entrepreneurship community.


Reach hundreds of influencers in the high-tech entrepreneur community.

  • Be in front of entrepreneurs leading innovation, disrupting industries and redefining the economy.
  • Be in front of emerging startups while they’re young.
  • Get exposure online well before the event during the online competition as more than 100 startups compete for the top 10 spots.
  • Get online across the competition and event pages, in newsletters and emails, and at the event through banners, tables, etc.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, email sponsor@vator.tv

Partners that have attended Vator Splash events

The Venue

Google Campus London

With speedy wifi, a café, frequent networking and speaking events, and coworking space, Campus is seven floors dedicated to startup success.

5 Bonhill St, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4BX

Getting there




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VATOR SPLASH EVENT volunteers. Day of.

Click here to volunteer.

EVENT volunteers. Day of.

  • Speaker Hosts
  • Finalists Hosts
  • Stage Hands
  • Ushers
  • Sponsor and Demo Host
  • Stage Manager
  • Social Media


  1. Team call meeting 10 days to 2 weeks prior
  2. Day-before-event meeting at venue (1 hour) to prep, or as early as 6:00 am, day of event
  3. Arrival at event
  4. Venue visit (1 month prior – for Usher Lead, Stage Manager, Speaker Host)

PRE-PRODUCTION volunteers. Up to 5 months prior.

  • Startup Scout Master
  • Startup & Finalist Host
  • Director of Investor Relations
  • Accelerator Partner Relations
  • Media Partner Relations
  • Social Media
  • Press Relations


Be able to start several months prior to the event. Must have solid writing, communication skills.

For those interested in working with startups.

Details about pre-production roles:

Startup Scout Master, Startup Finalist Host: This person loves to work with startups and would love to learn more about them. Your job will be to identify promising startups, interact with them and help prep finalists to get on stage. This job is great for someone who wants to work at a startup or invest in them.

Director of Investor Relations, Accelerator Partner Relations: This person wants to interact with venture capitalists and angel investors and corporate investors – in short – investors. You will engage with them around 5 to 6 weeks prior to the event. Your job is to get to know them and their investments and to help them to evaluate the startups in the finalist competition. The Accelerator Partner Relations person will communicate with accelerators to engage their startups in the event and competition.

Social Media and Press: This person(s) is proficient at putting press releases together and posting social media updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Vator. This person has excellent writing skills and is fluent in English. This person has comfort and familiarity with social networks. This person must spend at least 20 minutes daily posting for Vator one month prior to the event about the event speakers, relevant news and throughout the day of event. Press person should work on at least one press release.

Also contact: volunteer@vator.tv (with any questions) or mitos@vator.tv