Bringing Vator Splash to London

Thursday, November 7 | Level39, Canary Wharf | London


Jon Bradford

Managing Director, Techstars

Nic Brisbourne

Managing Partner, Forward Partners

William Bryant

Venture Partner, DFJ

Jeff Burton

Exec. Dir., Skydeck Berkeley

Stephen Chandler

Managing Partner, Notion Capital

Bambi Francisco Roizen

Founder & CEO, Vator

Scott Gallacher

Director, The Aston Group

Laurence Garrett

Partner, Highland Capital Europe

Stefan Glaenzer

Founding Partner, Passion Capital

Joseph Hawayek

Principal Partner, International Venture Associates

Ben Holmes

Partner, Index Ventures

Andrew Humphries

Co-Founder, The Bakery

Emma Lloyd

Partner, Sky Media

Neil Martin

Business Development Director, News UK

Danny Meaney

Managing Director, New Media Partners

Frank Meehan

General Partner, SparkLabsGlobal Ventures

Richard Muirhead

Managing Partner, Firestartr

Ezra Roizen

Founder, advsr

Nilesh Shah

Partner, Blick Rothenberg

Rory Stirling

Partner, MMC Ventures

Fabio Torlini

VP of Marketing, International, Rackspace

Simon Walker

Partner, Taylor Wessing

Nina Faulhaber

Associate, Index Ventures

Sitar Teli

Managing Partner, Connect Ventures

Mike Turner

Partner, TaylorWessing

Daniel Waterhouse

General Partner, Balderton Capital

John Webb



2:30PM,,4:30PM,,Socializing, time to see demo tables,,See demo tables

4:30PM,,4:40PM,,Welcome Remarks,,Bambi Francisco (Vator), Andrew Humphries (TheBakery)

4:40PM,,5:20PM,,US vs UK panel: How is the US venture market different from the UK market and how can the UK market benefit from the longevity and successes of what's happened there?,,Jeff Burton (Berkeley Skydeck), Jon Bradford (TechStars), Bill Bryant (DFJ), Ben Holmes (Index Ventures); Frank Meehan (Spark Lab Global), Moderator: Joseph Hawayek (International Venture Associates)

5:20PM,,5:30PM,,Startup growth options (Financing, Strategic business development, M&A),,Ezra Roizen (Ackrell Capital)

5:30PM,,5:45PM,,Networking break, open beer bar, time to see demo tables,,See demo tables

5:45PM,,6:25PM,,First five startup pitches (3 minutes each),,Richard Muirhead (, Rory Stirling (MMC Ventures), Nilesh Shah (Blick Rothenberg), Daniel Waterhouse (Wellington Partners), Frank Meehan (Spark Labs Global); Moderator: Joseph Hawayek (International Venture Associates)

6:25PM,,7:05PM,,Second five startup pitches (3 minutes each),,Danny Meaney (New Media Partners), Scott Gallacher (Angel Investor), Fabio Torlini (Rackspace), Emma Lloyd (BSkyB)

7:05PM,,7:35PM,,Networking break (open beer bar/pizza), time to see demo tables,,See demo tables

7:35PM,,8:05PM,,Investor panel: State of venture capital, how is it changing, and what's the next big thing?,,Stefan Glaenzer (Passion Capital), Laurence Garrett (Highland Capital Partners), Bill Earner (Connect Ventures), Nic Brisbourne (Forward Investment Partners), Steve Chandler (Notion Capital), Moderator: Simon Walker (Taylor Wessing)

8:05PM,,8:20PM,,Announce winner and Closing remarks,,

8:20PM,,10:00PM,,Networking (more beer/pizza),,

Vator Partners

Reach hundreds of influencers within the entrepreneurship community.


About Splash

The premier entrepreneurship conference.



The inaugural event will be held at Level39, Europe's largest FinTech accelerator. Splash is Vator's premier startup event and competition, that seeks promising startups to present on stage and win prizes, such as sit-down meetings with leading VCs/angels.

Startups win: 20k GBP in prizes, plus lunch with Ben Holmes (Index Ventures), and one-hour sit-down meetings with Wellington Partners, Passion Capital and DFJ.

Join us? Buy tickets for networking, presentations, and free beer and pizza!

Previous Keynotes

Splash is one of the best startup competitions and educational events, attracting super smart thought leaders in the tech industry. It's an event that inspires. This is an event for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to innovate, raise money, and scale a company. It's also a place for new investors to learn about angel investing and established ones to sharpen their game.

As seen in...

The Venue


Level39 is Europe’s largest accelerator space for finance, retail and future cities technology companies.

One Canada Square, Canary Wharf E14 5AB

Getting there



Vator alumni have raised $1B-plus in follow-on capital. Here are a few:

Vator Splash gives you a lot more than a fabulous evening of networking; it gives you access to an entire community of active investors and inspiring entrepreneurs that are making it happen. The event generated significant exposure for our online travel dashboard venture. Weeks after presenting we raised $100K from an investor who saw the online video of our Vator pitch.

Andres Fabris

Founder and CEO at Traxo won Vator Splash LA in June 2012. The competition allowed us an opportunity to meet and pitch against some of the great Los Angeles startups and further foster our entrepreneurial community. There was such a positive energy with so many great minds providing insightful feedback throughout the night. Two paws up, Vator!

Aaron Hirschhorn

Founder & CEO at DogVacay

Vator's competition platform made it simple to judge contestants by accessing video, PPT, ratings, executive summaries all in one place. It's the most efficient solution to judging competitions and it makes the process of judging a lot more fun! And the Vator Splash competition makes it easy and efficient to review a large number of early-stage startups that I would not otherwise have been exposed to

Jeremy Liew

The event provides results: a significant number of investors, advisors and business development opportunities arose after we won Vator Splash in front of a crowd of more than 200. Furthermore, one of the judges - Dave McClure - ended up investing in our company. Finally, VatorSplash was a great momentum-builder for us as we were getting ready to fundraise. The victory provided social proof to prospective investors and increased our chances of successfully attracting investment. We went on to raise $1M from a great group of angel investors!

Gagan Biyani

Co-founder, Udemy

The Vator community and its Splash event provided the perfect launch pad to generate exposure for our company. Winning Vator Splash 2013 SF gave us the exposure, quality venture capital meetings and network effect every startup needs to initiate and complete a successful round. The very next quarter, we raised a $4M Series A. Thanks Vator!

Lisa Maki

CEO, PokitDok

The VatorSplash events have been a fantastic opportunity to see great start-ups, connect with other investors, and hear from industry visionaries. Javelin has proudly sponsored the event for many years, and plans to keep actively supporting it for many more."

Jed Katz

Managing Director,
Javelin Venture Partners

The Post.Seed Conference is the very first event of its kind. Startups seem to make or break their future in the post-seed gap, but financing is becoming so difficult to secure during this period. We can see this trend having a huge impact on the future of tech entrepreneurship, and we want to see what the best minds have to say about it.

Paul Martino

Managing Partner, Bullpen Capital

This gap is a new phenomenon, making it unfamiliar ground for both entrepreneurs and investors to navigate. But it’s a reality that’s not going away. In order to understand how to build the best startups, we need to address how to get through this stage. For early-stage founders and investors, the perspectives on financing and the networking opportunities will be invaluable.

Bambi Francisco Roizen

Founder & CEO, Vator

The Series A ‘crunch’ is no small matter for startups that are trying to beat overwhelming odds. Post Seed is all about giving early-stage entrepreneurs and investors a forum to discuss some of the more pressing issues around fundraising. We want to start the discussion for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Brandon Zeuner

Managing Partner, Venture51

I’ve attended the Splash event over the last few years, and it is one of my favorite tech events due to the quality of entrepreneurs and investors who attend. For Splash 2016, we were fortunate to make it to the finals, pitch Mark Cuban, and take home the win! Soon after, we successfully announced a $2.3M SEED round. The Vator team has become family since, and we are so fortunate to have been given the opportunity. We highly recommend being part of Vator and its events as a way to expand your knowledge, network, and success. Cheers!

Cody Barbo

Founder & CEO, Industry


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VATOR SPLASH EVENT volunteers. Day of.

Click here to volunteer.

EVENT volunteers. Day of.

  • Speaker Hosts
  • Finalists Hosts
  • Stage Hands
  • Ushers
  • Sponsor and Demo Host
  • Stage Manager
  • Social Media


  1. Team call meeting 10 days to 2 weeks prior
  2. Day-before-event meeting at venue (1 hour) to prep, or as early as 6:00 am, day of event
  3. Arrival at event
  4. Venue visit (1 month prior – for Usher Lead, Stage Manager, Speaker Host)

PRE-PRODUCTION volunteers. Up to 5 months prior.

  • Startup Scout Master
  • Startup & Finalist Host
  • Director of Investor Relations
  • Accelerator Partner Relations
  • Media Partner Relations
  • Social Media
  • Press Relations


Be able to start several months prior to the event. Must have solid writing, communication skills.

For those interested in working with startups.

Details about pre-production roles:

Startup Scout Master, Startup Finalist Host: This person loves to work with startups and would love to learn more about them. Your job will be to identify promising startups, interact with them and help prep finalists to get on stage. This job is great for someone who wants to work at a startup or invest in them.

Director of Investor Relations, Accelerator Partner Relations: This person wants to interact with venture capitalists and angel investors and corporate investors – in short – investors. You will engage with them around 5 to 6 weeks prior to the event. Your job is to get to know them and their investments and to help them to evaluate the startups in the finalist competition. The Accelerator Partner Relations person will communicate with accelerators to engage their startups in the event and competition.

Social Media and Press: This person(s) is proficient at putting press releases together and posting social media updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Vator. This person has excellent writing skills and is fluent in English. This person has comfort and familiarity with social networks. This person must spend at least 20 minutes daily posting for Vator one month prior to the event about the event speakers, relevant news and throughout the day of event. Press person should work on at least one press release.

Also contact: (with any questions) or